Uniforms, Work and Safety Wear

Pro Image Work Wear provides customized or ready-made uniforms, work wear and safety apparel for only the most demanding consumers. Let’s get started—contact us today and speak with our friendly staff about your Work and Safety Wear needs.

Popular Industries

  • Contractors
  • Fire, Police & EMS
  • Government Employees
  • Medical Staff

Popular Items

  • Industrial Work Shirts
  • Stain & Soil Resistant Clothing
  • Industrial Work Pants & Shorts
  • Work Jackets
  • Safety
  • Aprons
  • Medical/Scrubs

Safety Wear

Are you or your employees required to work near roadways? We’ve got you covered with ANSI Class 2 or ANSI Class 3 vests, jackets and shirts.

ANSI Certified Garments
  • ANSI Class 2 garments are normally specified when work takes place in or near moving traffic or in inclement weather, and the worker’s tasks occasionally divert his attention from traffic.
  • ANSI Class 3 garments offer the greatest conspicuity and are specified for work taking place in or near high speed traffic. The worker must be conspicuous through a full range of motion and must focus all attention on work, not traffic.


Why Uniforms? Research shows employees who wear a uniform can perform at a higher level than those who don’t.1 And for many in the retail or service market it’s all about Employee Identification, Customer Confidence, Security and Branding.

A uniform program ensures:
  1. Employees look professional and make a positive first impression—critical during first visits or service calls.
  2. Employees convey an image that earns consumers’ trust, while remaining comfortable.
  3. Employees can be quickly distinguished from other visitors or from customers, enhancing employee identification and security.
  4. The company’s brand is projected consistently by all uniformed employees within a specific location and from store to store.
  5. Research shows employees who wear a uniform can perform at a higher level that those who don’t.1

97% of the public believes uniforms make employees easier to recognize.2

When you compare a uniform program to wearing retail street clothes, uniforms win. Unlike the carefully crafted uniform garments manufactured and provided by Superior Uniform Group, retail garments don’t perform as well.

  • Retail garments are inconsistent in quality, color and design.
  • Retail fabrics are not selected for both the durability and comfort demanded by an employee uniform program.
  • Retail garment construction is not designed for daily wear or frequent washing.
  • Retail garments typical cost the wearer more, both in terms of initial and replacement cost.

70% of customers feel employees in uniforms look neater and more professional.2

12011, The ‘Apple Store Effect’, Financial Post. 22010, Weintraub Associates, an independent management consulting firm